Yoga Instructor Training

The ancient art of yoga has been used as a form of exercise, relaxation and meditation for over 5000 years. The meaning of the word Yoga is “to yoke or join together” because of the fact that it helps the mind and body to work together in a harmonious sequence. Today, there are thousands of people all over the world who enjoy receiving instruction in this form of relaxation. Accredited yoga instructor training is available in almost any major country in the world today.

Types of Yoga

After you have decided to study yoga, it is important to determine what type of yoga you are interested in. The most commonly known forms of yoga include Hatha Yoga (this covers breathing techniques, postures and movement and is the most common form of yoga), Karma Yoga (all movement is done with the person’s thoughts being centred on a personal concept of God), Jnana Yoga (deals with finding the path to wisdom), Tantra Yoga (showing how consciousness is formed through diagrams, words and movement), Raja Yoga (combining meditation, breathing and exercise with study) and Kashmir Shaivism (a system that believes that all living things have both male and female properties).

Where You can go for Yoga Instructor Training

The best place to study yoga instruction is at an accredited yoga training school. By asking around for referrals or even doing an online search, you will be able to find a yoga training school that suits your needs. It is important to determine whether you will enjoy teaching yoga to others before embarking on a training program, because while many people have the knowledge, they do not possess the teaching ability to share it. As a yoga instructor it is important for you to be able to successfully impart your knowledge to your students in order for them to enjoy the benefits that yoga has to offer. An alternative to studying at an accredited yoga school is to be mentored by a qualified yoga instructor.

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How You Will Benefit From Yoga Instructor Training

By learning how to share your knowledge and love for yoga with your students, you will be helping them to learn how to enjoy the health and spiritual benefits that yoga has to offer. Once you are accredited, you will also be able to charge a fee for your classes and earn a living while doing something that you enjoy. An added advantage of being registered and accredited with the Yoga Alliance is that those who want to do yoga will feel more at ease in your company knowing that you have been specially trained to give yoga classes. Yoga also has the ability to help decrease blood pressure, improve sleep patterns and improve cognitive function.

Yoga instructor training is especially beneficial to those who want to impart their knowledge to others. By being accredited with the Yoga Alliance, you can be guaranteed that you will receive all the necessary support in order to be a successful yoga instructor.

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