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There are many yoga schools today that teach students about the various forms of yoga and how to teach it to their students. Once you have received your accreditation from the Yoga Alliance for your training, you then have the choice to either give yoga classes of your own or to go and work at an accredited yoga studio and give classes there. There are various job options available to those who want to work as a yoga instructor.

Ensure that Your Credentials and CV are Up to Date

Once you have qualified as a yoga instructor, you will receive accreditation from either the Yoga Alliance or from the school which you trained at. It is important that you have these certified documents on hand when applying for a job. By adding these documents to your resume, it will show prospective employers that you are in fact qualified and able to give yoga classes. It is also important to list any speciality areas that you may have trained in. If you are going to open your own yoga studio, it is important for you to have liability insurance.

Learn to Network

If there is a particular yoga studio that you would like to work at, it is important for you to spend time there as a paying customer and introducing yourself to everyone that works there. By meeting the people there and connecting with them, you will stand more chance of landing a job there when a vacancy arises. Networking need not be limited to the local yoga studio. By letting as many people as possible know what you are looking for, sooner or later, someone in your circle of contacts will be able to help you land an instructing job. You may be surprised to find that a positive lead for a job comes from your hairdresser and not your local yoga studio.

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Put Others First in Order to Get What You Want

By simply approaching a yoga studio and asking for a job, you are not guaranteed to land a position. Sometimes, all it takes is offering your services to help out with something that may be needed in the studio (besides classes). If you are able to assist with redesigning the interior of the studio, start by offering your services in this area. By doing this, you will find that you will be more readily accepted when the time comes for the studio to hire yoga instructors. It is also important to remember that you are not limited to yoga studios to find an instructors position. Many gyms have now expanded their horizons and are offering various forms of yoga classes to their customers.

If you decide that working for someone else at a yoga studio is not ideal for you, there is always the option of opening your own yoga studio and offering classes. By doing this, you will not only have the advantage of setting your own working hours, but you will also build lasting relationships with your students.

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